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Useful Links


I have tried to give you some links to pages which are interesting and helpful. 

  1. You will find lots of information on Cornwall Here at the GEN-UKI page.

  2. England Census Finder an excellent site for finding the Census's that are on line.

  3. This site goes with the one below and gives you the Batch Numbers  which allow you to find all the entries for your family name in a parish register. 

  4. This site tells you all about the certificates which are issued in England and Wales for Birth marriage and Deaths. Well worth a visit.

  5. Cornish 19th Century marriages a searchable record of marriages which took place in Cornwall.

  6. This is the site of the Historical Manuscripts Commission. which will hopefully help you put meet on the bones of your research.

  7. This is a great site for help with the Medieval age and research.

  8. Here is an ecclesiastical calendar for any year.
    Not only does it work very well, it also gives the dates for the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and for the Western and Orthodox Churches.

  9. One of the best pages on the web for information on West Penwith  the area of Cornwall that includes Sancreed. It has been put together by Rick Parsons. There are lots of links here to Sancreed plus a lot more information.

  10. here  you can find information on the St Just / Penwith research group in Australia

  11. Ellis Island was the place that immigrants into the USA were processed. On this page you can search the records for people who arrived in the USA between the years 1892 and 1924.

  12. Canada   this is a similar site to Ellis island but for Canada.

  13. The Commwealth War Graves Commisson Site for tracing the graves of relatives killed in war.  

  14. PRO  the UK Public Record Office site

  15. Cornish History  this is a great site for anyone interested in the social history of Cornwall.

    [John Rylands University Library]



  18. The TRIPOD site  gives you access to build your own web page.You are allowed 50MB of space free. at the present time the whole of the Vingoe Web site takes up just 16 MB so still plenty of space to play with. This is the best offer I've found on the web let me know if you know of a better one. I built this site using Microsoft Frontpage and was able to download my web pages direct to Tripod.

  19. This is the page for anyone who needs a regular fix of Cornwall. Charles Winpenny takes wonderful photographs of Cornwall and puts new ones on the web each day. He also allows you to use them on your own web pages as long as you give him a credit.

  20. Tour West-Penwith.with this photo MAP 

  21. Map The best site for finding anywhere in the UK.

  22. Old Maps  great site for old maps of your area

  23. This is the site to find the location of the most obscure places in Cornwall. Just click on the URL and when the page comes up click on the green arrow then type in the place name. 

  24. If you are researching Cornish ancestors then you should join the two Cornish lists on Rootsweb. It is free to join and you will find so many helpful people just waiting to assist you in your search. Click here to search the CORNISH-L archives.

  26. We also have a web page for the parish of Madron .


The opc for Madron can be contacted at

 27.       Damien Willey has further information on Cornish sites at
Book called 'People and Places in Sancreed Parish' just published.
Further details contact the author Jim Hosking on
There is another book: `A History of Sancreed Parish` by Ian N. Soulsby M.A. [Published by Ian Soulsby. Grumbla, Sancreed.
Printed by Headland Printers

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