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This is a transcript done by one person and will, inevitably, contain errors. Researchers are always advised to consult the original registers.

7 Jan 1860 by Banns
        William Trudgen 25 Farmer of St. Burian (Father: Richard Trudgen, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Rowe 24 of Trevean (Father: William Rowe, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Rowe, Richard Trudgen

4 Feb 1860 by Banns
        James Pascoe 21 Miner of The Grumbla (Father: John Pascoe, Miner)
        Margaret Snell 22 of The Grumbla (Father: Edward Snell, Gardener)
        Witnesses: James Trezise, John Snell

25 Mar 1860 by Banns
        William Rowe 24 Farmer of St. Paul (Father: William Rowe, Farmer)
        Mary Manell Markes 22 of Trerice (Father: Richard Marks, Mason)
        Witnesses: Joseph Marks, John Toman

7 Apr 1860 by Banns
        William Furze 22 Miner of Chapel Court (Father: Uter Furze, Miner)
        Elizabeth Jane Williams 19 of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: John Williams, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Trembath, John Toman

20 May 1860 by Banns
        William Nicholas 23 Miner of Morvah [Mark] (Father: Oliver Nicholas, Fisherman)
        Catherine Rowe 20 of Boswens [Mark] (Father: Benjamin Rowe, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Olds, John Toman

9 Jun 1860 by Banns
        James Keast 22 Labourer of Botrea [Mark] (Father: James Keast, Labourer)
        Esther Harvey Grenfell 22 of Geer Brea [Mark] (Father: Stephen Harvey, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

25 Jun 1860 by Banns
        James Gendall 29 Husbandman of Bojuthnoe (Father: William Gendall, Farmer)
        Jane Warren 26 of Madron [Mark] (Father: Thomas Warren, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Warren, Thomas Warren

30 Jun 1860 by Banns
        Matthew Harry 22 Cordwainer of Newbridge (Father: Thomas Harry, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Jane Harvey 21 of Trannack (Father: Thomas Harvey, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Harvey, Richd Harry

26 Jul 1860 by Licence
        Richard Bennetts 23 Miner of North Road (Father: Richard Bennetts, Miner)
        Thomasin Rodda 22 of Drift (Father: Benjamin Rodda, Miner)
        Witnesses: Benjamin Rodda, Mary Rodda

31 Jul 1860 by Banns
        John Harry full age Miner of Newbridge (Father: Thomas Harry, Farmer)
        Grace Grenfell full age of Madron (Father: Henry Grenfell, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Henry Grenfell, Thomas Grenfell

11 Aug 1860 by Banns
        Abraham Guy 22 Miner of Treguthnoe [Mark] (Father: Benjamin Guy, Husbandman)
        Elizabeth Ann Gendall 23 of Treguthnoe (Father: William Gendall, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Gendall, John Cook Quick

18 Sep 1860 by Banns
        Henry Grenfell 22 Farmer of Madron (Father: Henry Grenfell, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Ann Williams 22 of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: John Williams, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Bennetts, Catharine Bottrell

 Sep 1860 by Banns
        John Williams 24[?] Miner of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: William Williams, Miner)
        Emily Reynolds 24[?] of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Reginald Reynolds, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Toman, Reginald Reynolds

2 Oct 1860 by Banns
        Edward Reynolds full age Miner of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Reginald Reynolds, Miner)
        Philadelphia Bosence Bottrell full age of Madron [Mark] (Father: John Bottrall, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

30 Oct 1860 by Banns
        John Henry Pascoe 23 Miner of The Grumbla [Mark] (Father: John Pascoe, Miner)
        Mary Trezise 19 of The Grumbla (Father: James Trezise, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

27 Feb 1861 by Banns
        Thomas James 22 Miner of The Grumbla (Father: Henry James, Husbandman)
        Mary Harriet Prowse 21 of The Grumbla (Father: William Prowse, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James Prowse, William Prowse

1 Jun 1861 by Banns
        Peter Trudgen 22 Miner of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: Grig Trudgen[sic], Miner)
        Johanna Green 19 of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: William Green, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

10 Aug 1861 by Banns
        John Dennis 23 Farmer of Chy[?] Vean [Mark] (Father: Sampson Dennis, Farmer)
        Mary Kent 23 of Pendeen (Father: John Kent, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Roberts, John Kent

12 Oct 1861 by Banns
        William Williams 27 Miner of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: William Williams, Miner)
        Elizabeth Bottrel 30 of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Martin Maddern, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

4 Jan 1862 by Banns
        William Ellis 23 Miner of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: Thomas Henry Ellis, Farmer)
        Johanna Reynolds 23 of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: Edmund Reynolds, Tin Dresser)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Ellis, William Lawry

2 Mar 1862 by Banns
        Richard Rowe 33 Farmer of The Grumbla (Father: James Rowe, Farmer)
        Rebecca Grenfell 28 of Belebba (Father: Lewis Grenfell, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Ladner, George Maddern

28 Apr 1862 by Banns
        William Trembath 28 Miner of Tregerras (Father: Edmund Trembath, Miner)
        Margaret Ann Williams 17 of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: John Williams, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Toman, Elizabeth Williams

25 May 1862 by Banns
        Thomas Hollow 26 Miner of Bojuthnoe [Mark] (Father: William Hollow, Miner)
        Alice Roberts 21 of Bojuthnoe [Mark] (Father: Joseph Roberts, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

6 Sep 1862 by Banns
        Joseph Lawry full age widower Miner of Chapel Euny [Mark] (Father: William Lawry, Miner)
        Charlotte Prowse full age widow of Chapel Court [Mark] (Father: Sampson Hosken, Smith)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

15 Nov 1862 by Banns
        John Williams 25 Miner of Tregarras [Mark] (Father: John Williams, Miner)
        Grace Trembath 25 of Tregarras [Mark] (Father: Ambrose Trembath, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Elliott, John Ladner

22 Nov 1862 by Banns
        George Hicks full age Labourer of Drift (Father: Philip Hicks, Farmer)
        Christiana Trudgen full age widow of Drift (Father: John Trembath, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Charles Clemens, John Toman

6 Dec 1862 by Banns
        Richard Kent 22 Labourer of Brahane [Mark] (Father: Richard Kent, Labourer)
        Nanny Lawry 22 of Brahane [Mark] (Father: Joseph Lawry, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Lawry, John Toman

13 Jan 1863 by Banns
        Alfred Goninan 26 Miner of St. Just (Father: William Goninan, Tinner)
        Rebecca Thomas 25 of Jericho (Father: Thomas Thomas, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Thomas, William Goninan

28 Feb 1863 by Banns
        William Berryman Casley 21 Miner of Chapel Euny [Mark] (Father: William Casley, Miner)
        Elizabeth Lawry 26 of Chapel Euny [Mark] (Father: Joseph Lawry, Miner)
        Witnesses: Jane Berryman Casley, William Clemmo

19 Apr 1863 by Banns
        Francis Berriman 23 Miner of St. Ives (Father: James Berriman, Miner)
        Ann Richards 22 of Higher Drift (Father: Solomon Richards, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James Berryman, John Toman

2 May 1863 by Banns
        Henry Trezise 25 Miner of Trannack Mill (Father: John Trezise, Labourer)
        Jane Olds 23 of Trannack Mill [Mark] (Father: James Olds, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James Olds, Agnes Steer Olds

24 May 1863 by Banns
        John Reynolds 28 Miner of Receven [Mark] (Father: Reginald Reynolds, Miner)
        Philadelphia Hall 22 of Receven [Mark] (Father: Henry Hall, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

6 Sep 1863 by Banns
        William Thomas Chappel 23 Miner of Higher Bodinner (Father: William Chappel, Farmer)
        Emily Maddern 23 of Bosence [Mark] (Father: Thomas Maddern, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Ladner, John Toman

20 Sep 1863 by Banns
        Samuel Jones 26 Engineer of Trerice (Father: George Jones, Miner)
        Emma Furze 23 of Trerice (Father: Uter Furze, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

3 Oct 1863 by Banns
        Philip Pengelly 26 Farmer of Little Botrea (Father: William Pengelly, Farmer)
        Celia Hocking 22 of Lesbew (Father: Joseph Hocking, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Hocking, William Hosken

12 Mar 1864 by Banns
        William Matthews 19 Miner of New Bridge (Father: Jaketh Matthews, Miner)
        Elizabeth Roberts 18 of New Bridge [Mark] (Father: Wiliam Roberts, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

10 May 1864 by Banns
        John Vingoe 28 Farmer of Madron (Father: John Vingoe, Farmer)
        Ann Christophers Cardew 29 of Little Sellan (Father: Nicholas Cardew, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Cardew, Mary Cardew

15 May 1864 by Banns
        James Webb full age Labourer of Chapel Court [Mark] (Father: John Webb, Labourer)
        Jane Wallis full age of Chapel Court [Mark] (Father: Thomas Wallis, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

6 Aug 1864 by Banns
        John Trembath 24[?] Miner of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Ambrose Trembath, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Richards 20 of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Thomas Richards, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Mary Ann Bettys, John Toman

17 Sep 1864 by Banns
        Samuel Angove 25 Miner of Ennistreven (Father: William Angove, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Jane Boase 24 of Ennistreven [Mark] (Father: Thomas Boase, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

1 Nov 1864 by Banns
        Matthew Cardew 27 Farmer of Little Sellan (Father: Nicholas Ardew, Farmer)
        Mary Richards 24 of Higher Drift (Father: Solomon Richards, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Cardew, Samuel Richards

27 Dec 1864 by Banns
        William Olds 19 Butcher of St. Burian (Father: William Olds, Butcher)
        Elizabeth Ann Pengelly 23 of Newbridge (Father: Michael Pengelly, Mason)
        Witnesses: Richard Pengelly, Samuel Ivey

4 Feb 1865 by Banns
        William Pascoe 22 Miner of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: James Pascoe, Tradesman)
        Sarah James 22 of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Joel James, Miner)
        Witnesses: Joel James, James Enry Rowe

20 May 1865 by Banns
        John Trewan 22 Farmer of St. Buryan (Father: John Trewan, Farmer)
        Phillis Rogers 23 of Tregonebris (Father: Thomas Rogers, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Rogers, John Toman

8 Jul 1865 by Banns
        William Matthews 25 Miner of Chapel Euny (Father: John Matthews, Miner)
        Elizabeth Ann Hocking 24 of Chapel Euny [Mark] (Father: John Hocking, Miner)
        Witnesses: Richard Thomas, Jane Hocking

15 Aug 1865 by Banns
        William Thomas 24 Carpenter of Jericho (Father: Thomas Thomas, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Jane Goninen[?] 22 of St. Just (Father: William Goninan, Tin Dresser)
        Witnesses: Christopher Williams, William Henry Marks

14 Oct 1865 by Banns
        Jeremiah Jelbert 27 Farmer of Boswartha (Father: Jeremiah Jelbert, Farmer)
        Sarah Sampson Hall 29 of Newham (Father: Thomas Hall, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Eliza Hall, Esther Hosken

24 Oct 1865 by Licence
        John Newton full age Farmer of Madron (Father: John Newton, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Matthews full age of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: William Matthews, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

25 Nov 1865 by Banns
        James Henry Willis 21 Miner of Tregerras (Father: Martin Wallis[sic], Miner)
        Elizabeth Ann Green 20 of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: William Green, Miner)
        Witnesses: Richard Tregear[?], Andrew Stevens

2 Dec 1865 by Banns
        William Thomas Madden 22 Miner of Tregerras (Father: Martin Madden, Farmer)
        Mary Jane Williams 26 of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: William Rowe, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Ralph Thomas, John Toman

16 Dec 1865 by Licence
        John Hosken full age Farmer of St. Just (Father: William Hosken, Farmer)
        Honor Cargeeg full age of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: Francis Cargeeg, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

16 Jun 1866 by Banns
        Isaac Newton 28 Miner of Grumbles [Mark] (Father: Matthew Newton, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Ann Trembath 23 of Grumbles [Mark] (Father: Richard Trembath, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Newton, Wm. Pascoe

26 Jun 1866 by Banns
        Robert House 28 Farmer of Little Boswarthen (Father: William Prouse[sic], Farmer)
        Eliza Hall 22 of Boswarthen (Father: Thomas Hall, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Hall, William Prowse

26 Jul 1866 by Licence
        Richard Hockin full age Farmer of Gwithian (Father: John Hockin, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Marrack full age widow of Sancreed (Father: Richard Hockin, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Chas. Hockin, J. Hockin

28 Jul 1866 by Banns
        Joseph Bant 26 bach Labourer of Newbridge (Father: James Bant, Labourer)
        Margaret Jane Trudgen 20 of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Henry Trudgen, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Henry Trudgen, Emily Curtis

Sep 1866 by Banns
        William Martins 25 Miner of Jericho (Father: John Martins, Miner)
        Esther Tonking 19 of Jericho [Mark] (Father: Simon Tonking, Miner)
        Witnesses: Simon Tonking, Simon Tonking snr.

16 Feb 1867 by Banns
        John Jordan 29 Labourer of Tregonebris (Father: George Jordan, Labourer)
        Ann Boase 27 of Tregonebris [Mark] (Father: John Boase, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William J. Boase, John Toman

3 Mar 1867 by Banns
        William Phillips 21 Miner of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: William Phillips, Miner)
        Catherine Richards 24 of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Thomas Richards, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomisen Mathews, Harriot Richards

11 Sep 1867 by Banns
        Richard Tonking 24 Miner of Tregerras (Father: Simon Tonking, Miner)
        Margret Jane Stevens 18 of Tregerras (Father: Andrew Stevens, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Andrew Stevens, John Toman

13 Oct 1867 by Banns
        Abraham George 21 Miller of Roskennall (Father: Abraham George, Miller)
        Sarah Jane Grenfell 23 of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: John Grenfell, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Toman, Matthew Mitchell

17 Oct 1867 by Banns
        William Hosken 23 Carpenter of Newbridge (Father: William Henry Hosken, Carpenter)
        Eliza Newton 23 of Roskennall (Father: James Newton, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Matthew Newton, William Henry Hosken

22 Oct 1867 by Banns
        James Olds 21 Butcher of St. Burian (Father: William Olds, Butcher)
        Catherine Pengelly 23 of Prospect Place (Father: Michael Pengelly, Mason)
        Witnesses: Michael Pengelly, Peter Olds

2 Nov 1867 by Banns
        William Matthews 36 Farmer of Sancreed (Father: William Matthews, Farmer)
        Eliza Cargeeg 28 of Sancreed (Father: Francis Cargeeg, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Williams, John Hosken

7 Jan 1868 by Banns
        John Pearce 21 Warehouseman of St. Just (Father: Richard Pearse[sic], Miller)
        Mary Ann Hockin Marley[?] 25 of Tregonebris [Mark] (Father: William Murley, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Murley, Ruth Hattam Murley

26 May 1868 by Banns
        James Hosken 25 Carpenter of Drift (Father: James Hosken, Carpenter)
        Priscilla Symons 21 of Madron (Father: Simon Symons, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Simon Symons, Alice Harvey Symons

6 Aug 1868 by Banns
        Charles Uren full age Husbandman of St. Just (Father: Nicholas Uren, Husbandman)
        Catherine Rowe full age of Trewarren (Father: James Hosken, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Trudgen, William Curnow

21 Sep 1868 by Banns
        Richard Sampson Richards full age Miller of Drift (Father: Richard Sampson Richards, Miller)
        Priscilla Boase full age of St. Burian (Father: John Boase, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Boase, R. S. Richards

24 Sep 1868 by Banns
        John Richards 21 Miner of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Thomas Richards, Miner)
        Elizabeth Elliott 23 of Newbridge (Father: John Elliott, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Elliott, William Elliott

22 Nov 1868 by Banns
        Charles Hackett 24 Hatter[?] of Drift (Father: George Hackett, Mechanic)
        Thamsen Manning 20 of Treganhoe (Father: James Manning, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: Chs. Woodward, Ellen Manning

19 Mar 1869 by Banns
        Esau Lugg 25 Mason of St. Burian (Father: Simon Lugg, Mason)
        Mary Jane Harvey 24 of Newbridge (Father: Thomas Harvey, Mine Agent)
        Witnesses: Simon Lugg, John Rowe

11 Apr 1869 by Banns
        William Mathews Chirgwin 27 Miner of Jericho [Mark] (Father: William Chirgwin, Smith)
        Mary Tonkin 22 of Jericho [Mark] (Father: Simon Tonkin, Miner)
        Witnesses: Simon Tonkin, John Toman

1 May 1869 by Banns
        Simon Tonkin 23 Miner of Jericho (Father: Simon Tonkin, Miner)
        Elizabeth Jane Wallish 20[?] of Jericho [Mark] (Father: Martin Wallis, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Martin Wallish, Simon Tonkin

3 Jul 1869 by Banns
        Thomas Henry Vingoe full age widower Labourer of Newbridge (Father: William Vingoe, Farmer)
        Mary Boase full age widow of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Benjamin Guy, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, William Hosken

31 Jul 1869 by Banns
        Alfred Elliot 24 Miner of Newbridge (Father: John Elliot, Labourer)
        Jane Pascoe 25 of Newbridge (Father: John Pascoe, Miner)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Richards, Elizabeth Jane Elliott

5 Oct 1869 by Banns
        William Potter full age widower Smith of Newbridge (Father: John Potter, Shoemaker)
        Elizabeth Lanyon full age of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Ralph Lanyon, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner

11 Sep 1869 by Banns
        Richard Hall 30 Miner of Bodinner [Mark] (Father: Thomas Hall, Miner)
        Elizabeth Williams Chappel 29 of Bodinner [Mark] (Father: William Chappel, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Francis Hall, Andrew James

22 Oct 1869 by Banns
        William Vingoe 23 Farmer of Madron (Father: Richard Vingoe, Farmer)
        Lavinia[?] Roberts 22 of Bojuthnoe [Mark] (Father: Joseph Roberts, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, William Hosken

17 Nov 1869 by Licence
        George Thomas Maddern full age Miner of Grumbla (Father: Thomas Maddern, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Bosence full age of Boswarthen (Father: John Bosence, Cabinet Maker)
        Witnesses: Wm. Bosence, John Toman

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