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This is a transcript done by one person and will, inevitably, contain errors. Researchers are always advised to consult the original registers.

1 Aug 1837 by Banns
                                    Samuel Ivey 39 widower Farmer of Lower Bodinner (Father: John Ivey, Farmer)
                                    Joanne Richards 39 of Lower Bodinner [Mark] (Father: William Richards, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: John Hall, Christopher Richards
29 Aug 1837 by Banns
                                    William Hocking 25 Miner of Bosence [Mark] (Father: Simon Hocking, Lab)
                                    Gertrude Bothrall 21 of Bosence (Father: John Bottrall, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: Elizabeth Victor, John Toman
28 Nov 1837 by Banns
                                    James Symons 25 Labourer of Boswarton [Mark] (Father: James Symons, Labourer)
                                    Isabella Bonellack 22 of Vicarage [Mark] (Father: Thomas Bonellack, Miller)
                                    Witnesses: Thos Bonallack, John Pearce
23 Dec 1837 by Banns
                                    William Trewerne 27 Labourer of Trevorian [Mark] (Father: Eli Trewern, Farmer)
                                    Elizabeth Tregear 28 of Trevorian [Mark] (Father: James Tregear, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Eli Trewern, John Bosence


29 Jan 1838 by Banns
                                    Thomas Boase Simmons full age Labourer of Braine [Mark]
                                    Elizabeth Rowe full age of Braine [Mark] (Father: John Rowe, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Grenfell, John Toman
3 Mar 1838 by Banns
                                    Richard Willington 28 Miner of Sancreed Church Town (Father: Peter Wellington, Miner)
                                    Caroline Matthews 18 of Bosence (Father: William Matthews, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: Peter Wellington, John Matthews
28 Jun 1838 by Banns
                                    John Tonkin 40 widower Labourer of Sellan [Mark]
                                    Thomasine Foss 49 of Drift [Mark]
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, Thomas Ladner
7 Jul 1838 by Banns
                                    John Bearden 23 Blacksmith of Madron (Father: William Beardon, Clothier)
                                    Elizabeth Philips 22 of Drift (Father: John Phillips, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: James Huntingdon, Susan Beardon
10 Nov 1838 by Banns
                                    Daniel Nicholas 61 Labourer of St. Levan [Mark] (Father: Michael Nicholas, Husbandman)
                                    Ann Barnecoat 52 widow of Drift [Mark] (Father: Christopher Barnecoat, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Trembath, John Toman
4 Dec 1838 by Banns
                                    Henry Rowe 24 Farmer of Boswens (Father: John Rowe, Farmer)
                                    Mary Oates 23 of Sellan [Mark] (Father: John Oates, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: Benjamin Rowe, John Toman


19 Jan 1839 by Banns
                                    John Trudgen 24 Labourer of Sellan [Mark] (Father: Robert Trudgen, Miner)
                                    Catherine Hockin 28 of Sellan [Mark] (Father: James Hosken, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: James Hosken, John Toman
16 Feb 1839 by Banns
                                    Richard Grenfell 28 Miner of St. Just [Mark] (Father: Richard Grenfell, Miner)
                                    Ann Warren Nicholls 22 of Boslow [Mark] (Father: Cyprian Nicholls, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Cyprian Nicholls, Thomas Nicholls
28 Feb 1839 by Banns
                                    William Boyns 23 Miner of St. Just (Father: William Boyns, Miner)
                                    Elizabeth Rowe 22 of Sancreed (Father: William Rowe, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: John Rowe, John Rowe, Clarinda Rowe
9 Mar 1839 by Banns
                                    John Holla 54 widower Labourer of Sellan [Mark] (Father: John Holla, Lab)
                                    Elizabeth Hosken 45 of Trice [Mark] (Father: Peter Olds, Lab)
                                    Witnesses: Jane Thomas, Wm. Olds
20 Apr 1839 by Banns
                                    Robert Matthews 21 Labourer of Sellan [Mark] (Father: James Matthews, Lab)
                                    Jennifer Maddern 20 of Brahane (Father: Thomas Madron [signed Maddern], Lab)
                                    Witnesses: Thomas Maddern, William Thomas
9 Aug 1839 by Banns
                                    John Pollard 25 Labourer of Bosvenning [Mark] (Father: Joseph Pollard, Farmer)
                                    Mary Rowe 21 of Sellan [Mark] (Father: John Rowe, Soldier)
                                    Witnesses: Joseph Roberts, John Toman
2 Dec 1839 by Banns
                                    Thomas Gendall 23 Mason of Sancreed Church Town (Father: James Gendall, Miner)
                                    Elizabeth Trathen Stevens 19 of Madron (Father: David Stevens, Stone Mason)
                                    Witnesses: David Stevens, Matthew Fratha[?]


4 Jan 1840 by Banns
                                    John Angwin 23 Miner of St. Just (Father: Benjamin Angwin, Farmer)
                                    Duance Toman 23 of Sancreed (Father: John Toman, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Henry Angwin, John Toman
5 Jan 1840 by Banns
                                    Richard Chapple 24 Miner of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: John Chapple, Miner)
                                    Mary Chapple 20 of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: Nicholas Chapple, Lab)
                                    Witnesses: John Chapple, John Toman
1 Feb 1840 by Banns
                                    Francis Batten 50 Builder of Madron (Father: Francis Batten, Farmer)
                                    Blanche Chirgwin 31 of Sancreed (Father: Richard Chirgwin, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Thomas Hall, Richard Chirgwin jnr. Richard Chirgwin, Elizabeth Hall
9 Apr 1840 by Banns
                                    William Clemens 24 Labourer of Ennistreven (Father: John Clemons, Farmer)
                                    Jane Toman 27 of Chiverton (Father: John Toman, Clerk)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Angwin
28 Apr 1840 by Banns
                                    William Wear 24 Hind of Madron (Father: Thomas Winn, Hind)
                                    Harriet Prideaux 20 of Botrea (Father: Henry Prideaux, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Richard Ivey, Mary Ivey
12 Jul 1840 by Banns
                                    Martin Chirgwin 44 Farmer of Madron (Father: Martin Chirgwin, Gentleman)
                                    Jane Rowe 29 of Brahane (Father: James Rowe, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: James Rowe, John Toman
23 Jul 1840 by Banns
                                    William Lidstone Pope 20 Miner of Brahan [Mark] (Father: William Lidstone [sic], Farmer)
                                    Grace Brewer 25 of St. Just [Mark] (Father: William Woolcock, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: George Grenfell, Mary Buller, John Grenfell, Harriet E. Buller
1 Aug 1840 by Banns
                                    George Thomas 25 Labourer of Gulval (Father: George Thomas, Farmer)
                                    Margaret Hoskin Chapel 24 of Goldhering [Mark] (Father: Peter Chapel, Lab)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, William Thomas
14 Oct 1840 by Banns
                                    George Henry Oliver 21 Miller of Drift (Father: George Oliver, Miller)
                                    Jane Matthews 27 of Paul [Mark] (Father: James Matthews, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: John Grenfell, John Toman


2 Jan 1841 by Banns
                                    Mark Rowe 23 Miner of Higher Treveras [Mark] (Father: James Rowe, Lab)
                                    Eliza Hocking 30 of Bodinner [Mark] (Father: Simon Hocking, Lab)
                                    Witnesses: Simon Hocking, John Toman
7 Feb 1841 by Banns
                                    Simon Tonkin 26 Miner of Higher Tregeras [Mark] (Father: James Tonkin, Miner)
                                    Grace Chirgwin 23 of Little Botrea [Mark] (Father: Richard Chirgwin, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: William Chirgwin, John Toman
31 May 1841 by Banns
                                    Richard Harvey 23 Miner of Chicolas [Mark] (Father: Richard Harvey, Miner)
                                    Mary Ann Chapel 21 of Chicoles [Mark] (Father: John Chapel, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Chapel, John Toman
26 Jun 1841 by Banns
                                    John Bossence 27 Labourer of Trevoriah (Father: John Bossence, Farmer)
                                    Elizabeth Trowern 22 of Newham (Father: Eli Trowern, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Eli Trewern, John Toman
4 Sep 1841 by Banns
                                    Martin Madern 26 Miner of Lower Tregeras (Father: Martin Madern, Lab)
                                    Elizabeth Waters 22 of Lower Tregeras [Mark] (Father: Richard Waters, Carpenter)
                                    Witnesses: Richard Watters, John Toman
11 Sep 1841 by Banns
                                    John Gilbard 24 Miner of Sellan [Mark] (Father: George Gilbard, Miner)
                                    Elizabeth Wallis 23 of St. Just [Mark] (Father: Robert Wallis, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: Robert Wallis, George Gilbard
25 Sep 1841 by Banns
                                    John Chesterfield 28 Mason of Church Town (Father: John Chesterfield, Malster)
                                    Mary Hannah Riggs 28 of Church Town [Mark] (Father: Thomas Riggs, Gardener)
                                    Witnesses: George Grenfell,John Toman
4 Dec 1841 by Banns
                                    John Humphrey 24 Miner of Chegwidden Vean [Mark] (Father: Robert Humphrey, Lab)
                                    Anne Johns 23 of Chegwidden Vean [Mark] (Father: Thomas Johns, Lab)
                                    Witnesses: James [?], Robert Mackenzie
23 Dec 1841 by Banns
                                    William Green 35 Miner of Madron [Mark] (Father: Cornelius Green, Miller)
                                    Elizabeth Rowe 27 of Tregeras [Mark] (Father: Benjamin Rowe, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: Samuel Ivey, John Grenfell
25 Dec 1841 by Banns
                                    Richard Bossence, bach, 23 Labourer of Trevorian (Father: John Bossence, Farmer)
                                    Mary Ann Pill,spinster, 22 of Trevorian [Mark] (Father: Hugh Pill, Coastguard)
                                    Witnesses: Hugh Pill, Rebecca Pill


9 Jul 1842 by Banns
                                    William Chirgwin 23 Smith of Little Bosence [Mark] (Father: Richard Chirgwin, Miner)
                                    Grace Matthews 21 of Higher Tregeras [Mark] (Father: John Matthews, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Matthews, John Toman
19 Aug 1842 by Banns
                                    William Phillips 22 Miner of Chapel Uny (Father: John Phillips, Labourer)
                                    Jane Hutchens 21 of Chapel Uny [Mark] (Father: Henry Hitchens, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman
19 Sep 1842 by Banns
                                    Thomas Pratt 32 [?] Merchant of Sancreed (Father: Thomas Pratt, Baker)
                                    Mary Chirgwin 24 of Sancreed (Father: Richard Chirgwin, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Elizabeth J[?], Richard Chirgwin, Emma [?], J Batten
20 Nov 1842 by Banns
                                    John Chapple 21 Miner of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: John Chapple, Miner)
                                    Margaret Hosken 22 of Boswarten [Mark] (Father: Thomas Hosken, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
28 Dec 1842 by Banns
                                    George Chapple 19 Labourer of Boswarthen [Mark] (Father: John Chapple, Miner)
                                    Ann Wallis 24 of Tregenebris [Mark] (Father: Thomas Hosken, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toma, John Ladner


2 Feb 1843 by Banns
                                    Archelaus Warren 31 Miner of Boslow [Mark] (Father: William Warren, Miner)
                                    Mary Nicholls 25 of Boslow [Mark] (Father: Cyprian Nicholls, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
23 Mar 1843 by Banns
                                    Thomas Morris 51 widower Labourer of Ruiwing (Father: Thomas Morris, Farmer)
                                    Jane Semmens 49 of Ruiwing [Mark] (Father: John Semmens, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
15 May 1843 by Banns
                                    Henry Sampson 23 Carpenter of Newbridge (Father: Henry Sampson, Farmer)
                                    Catherine Rowe 24 of Newbridge (Father: John Rowe, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, Wm. Ross Sampson
5 Jun 1843 by Banns
                                    William Oulds 23 Butcher of Buryan [Mark] (Father: Peter Oulds, Butcher)
                                    Mary Oates 20 of Joppa [Mark] (Father: James Oats, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: James Oats, Peter Olds snr.
1 Jul 1843 by Banns
                                    Joseph Thomas 28 Labourer of Little Sellan [Mark] (Father: Joseph Thomas, Labourer)
                                    Elizabeth Floyd 28 of Little Sellan [Mark] (Father: Zacchias Floyd, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: Mary Ann Hockin, Richard Marrack
8 Jul 1843 by Banns
                                    John Robert Blackwell 25 Miner of St. Just [Mark] (Father: Richard Blackwell, Labourer)
                                    Elizabeth Ellis 22 of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: John Ellis, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, James Matthews
16 Jul 1843 by Banns
                                    John Bellman 48 widower Labourer of St. Buryan (Father: John Bellman, Labourer)
                                    Jane Bossence 42 of Drift [Mark] (Father: Uter Bosence, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Uter Bosence, John Toman
28 Oct 1843 by Banns
                                    James Richards 20 Labourer of Trevean [Mark] (Father: James Richards, Labourer)
                                    Ann Tonkin 20 of Sellan [Mark] (Father: Mark Tonkin, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: George Taylor, Mark Tonkin
18 Oct 1843 by Banns
                                    John Matthews 32 Mason of Grumbla (Father: James Matthews, Yeoman)
                                    Elizabeth White 28 of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: William White, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
14 Dec 1843 by Banns
                                    Lewis Grenfell 44 Farmer of Brahune (Father: Lewis Grenfell, Tailor)
                                    Barbara Vingoe Ellis 23 of Brahane [Mark] (Father: Thomas Ellis, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
22 Dec 1843 by Banns
                                    Cyprian Nicholls 30 Farmer of Boslow (Father: Cyprian Nicholls, Farmer)
                                    Mary Eddy 20 of Boslow [Mark] (Father: Richard Eddy, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, Richard Eddy


17 Mar 1844 by Banns
                                    Michael Harvey 21 Miner of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: Richard Harvey, Miner)
                                    Jane Tonkin 19 of Newham [Mark] (Father: Mark Tonkin, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
23 Mar 1844 by Banns
                                    William Cargeeg 32 Farmer of Morvah [Mark] (Father: John Cargeeg, Miner)
                                    Grace Grose 28 of Higher Drift (Father: Solomon Grose, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: William Henry Hosken, Thomas Cargeege
4 May 1844 by Banns
                                    William Chapple 23 Labourer of Lear (Father: Peter Chapple, Labourer)
                                    Elizabeth Davy 19 of Lower Drift [Mark] (Father: William Davey, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: William Davey, Gabriel Hosken
22 Aug 1844 by Banns
                                    James Oats 50 Miner of Brin (Father: William Oats, Farmer)
                                    Thomasine Hockin 51 of Brin [Mark] (Father: John Hosken, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
24 Aug 1844 by Banns
                                    John Hoskin 27 Miner of Trevean (Father: William Hosken, Labourer)
                                    Sally Toman 23 of Chiverton (Father: John Toman, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, George Toman
14 Sep 1844 by Banns
                                    James Mitchell 24 Labourer of Buryan (Father: James Mitchell, Labourer)
                                    Jane Warren 34 of Chapel Uny [Mark] (Father: Amos Tap, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Samuel Harvey Michell, Richard Guy
8 Oct 1844 by Banns
                                    Francis Eddy 21 Miner of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: James Eddy, Miner)
                                    Jane Baragwanath 21 of Darvall [Mark] (Father: John Baragwanath, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
19 Oct 1844 by Banns
                                    William Henry Hosken 22 Carpenter of Lower Drift (Father: Solomon Grose, Farmer)
                                    Eliza Grose 24 of Higher Drift (Father: James Hosken, Carpenter)
                                    Witnesses: James Hosken, William Grose
31 Dec 1844 by Banns
                                    Edward Jeffery 23 Labourer of Lower Bodinner (Father: Edward Jeffery, Labourer)
                                    Mary Ann Veal 22 of Lower Bodinner [Mark] (Father: John Veal, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner


1 Jan 1845 by Banns
                                    John Trenery 35 Miner of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: Richard Trenery, Labourer)
                                    Anne Rowe 34 of Brahan [Mark] (Father: James Rowe, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: James Rowe, Mary Rowe
20 Mar 1845 by Banns
                                    Richard Ellis 26 Miner of Brahan [Mark] (Father: Robert Ellis, Labourer)
                                    Anne Grenfell 17 of Chapel Uny [Mark] (Father: Lewis Grenfell, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Lewis Grenfell, John Toman
3 Jun 1845 by Banns
                                    Thomas Chappel 20 Miner of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: John Chappel, Miner)
                                    Caroline Wallis 18 of Boswarten [Mark] (Father: Nicholas Wallis, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: James Ould, John Toman
24 Jul 1845 by Banns
                                    John Ladner 40 widower Sexton of Chapple Place (Father: Francis Ladner, Farmer)
                                    Elizabeth Murley 36 of Church Town [Mark] (Father: Thomas Harvey, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: James Hosken, Thomas Ladner
9 Aug 1845 by Banns
                                    William Hosken 24 Miner of Catchall (Father: Gabriel Hos[C]Ken, Miner)
                                    Jane Hosken 19 of Catchall (Father: William Hockin, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: Gabriel Hosken, Joseph Hosken
30 Aug 1845 by Banns
                                    John Hall 32 Shoemaker of Newbridge (Father: Richard Hall, Farmer)
                                    Anne Davey 28 of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: William Davey, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: Thomas Richards, John Toman
30 Aug 1845 by Banns
                                    William Lawry 20 Miner of Chapel Uny (Father: John Lawry, Miner)
                                    Anne Ellis 20 of C. Holy [Mark] (Father: Thomas Ellis, Labouerer)
                                    Witnesses: Lewis Grenfell, John Toman
31 Aug 1845 by Banns
                                    Eli Trewarn 39 Farmer of Newham (Father: Eli Trewarn, Farmer)
                                    Mary Williams 39 of Tregenebrin [Mark] (Father: Joseph Williams, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: William Williams, Amelia Williams
6 Sep 1845 by Banns
                                    George Dennis 23 Miner of Castle (Father: Sampson Dennis, Labourer)
                                    Anne Rogers 23 of Chegwidden Vean [Mark] (Father: Henry Rogers, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: Sampson Boase John Toman
29 Nov 1845 by Banns
                                    John Rowe 36 Farmer of Bosvening [Mark] (Father: John Rowe, Farmer)
                                    Mary Grose 24 of New Bridge (Father: Richard Grose, Smith)
                                    Witnesses: Richard Grose, Emily Leggo, Grace Grose
6 Dec 1845 by Banns
                                    James Nikervis 25 Miner of Chapel Uny (Father: Charles Nickervis, Farmer)
                                    Elizabeth Hutchens 21 of Chapel Uny [Mark] (Father: Henry Hutchens, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: James Trezise, John Toman
13 Dec 1845 by Banns
                                    William Quick 22 Miner of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: James Quick, Miller)
                                    Margery Hoskin 26 of Sellan [Mark] (Father: John Hockin, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: Samuel Chirgwin, John Toman


3 Jan 1846 by Banns
                                    James Eddy 26 Miner of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: James Eddy, Miner)
                                    Elizabeth Renfree 26 of Pomargey [Mark] (Father: John Renfree, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Remphery, Thomas Henry Eddy
3 Feb 1846 by Banns
                                    John Toy 26 Smith of Helston (Father: John Toy, Carrier)
                                    Elizabeth Pollard 27 of Higher Drift (Father: Christopher Pollard, School Master)
                                    Witnesses: W. P. Dight, Eliza Ralph
29 Feb 1846 by Banns
                                    James Oates 21 Miner of Chapel Uny (Father: James Oates, Miner)
                                    Jane James 21 of Braham [Mark] (Father: Richard James, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Oats
2 May 1846 by Banns
                                    William Harvey 25 Miner of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: Richard Harvey, Miner)
                                    Elizabeth Chapple 19 of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: John Chapple, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Chapple, John Toman
12 Oct 1846 by Banns
                                    John Ivey 22 Farmer of Lower Bodinner (Father: Samuel Ivey, Farmer)
                                    Eliza Rose Sampson 22 of Higher Bodinner [Mark] (Father: Henry Sampson, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Sarah [?], Thos Hill, Harriet Pengelley
2 Nov 1846 by Banns
                                    William Henry Rowe 21 Miner of Newbridge (Father: Benjamin Rowe, Seaman)
                                    Alice Warren 20 of Boslow [Mark] (Father: Richard Warren, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Richard Warren, William Warren
7 Nov 1846 by Banns
                                    William Warren 23 Miner of Boslow (Father: Richard Warren, Farmer)
                                    Loveday Oats Hosken 18 of Bodinner (Father: Richard Hosken, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: William Henry Rowe, William Boyns


30 Jan 1847 by Banns
                                    John Thomas 25 Laourer of Tregenebris [Mark] (Father: Joseph Thomas, Labourer)
                                    Jane Eddy 26 of Nancothan, Madron [Mark] (Father: William Tippet Eddy, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
20 Mar 1847 by Banns
                                    John Carthew 23 Gentleman of St. Mewan, St. Austle (Father: John Carthew, Captain of a Mine)
                                    Amelia Williams 22 of Tregenebris (Father: Joseph Williams, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: William Williams, Harriet J. C[?]
20 Mar 1847 by Banns
                                    George Toman 24 Labourer of Chiverton (Father: John Toman, Farmer)
                                    Margery Grenfell 21 of Lesbaw (Father: Thomas Grenfell, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, James Bennett
30 Mar 1847 by Banns
                                    Thomas Tonkin 30 widower Miner of Tregarno [Mark] (Father: James Tonkin, Labourer)
                                    Johanna Chirgwin 30 of New Bridge [Mark] (Father: James Chirgwin, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
3 Apr 1847 by Banns
                                    James Hosken 24 Miner of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: James Hosken, Labourer)
                                    Elizabeth Ellis 24 of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: Thomas Ellis, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, William Lawry
4 Apr 1847 by Banns
                                    Richard Semins 24 Miner of Brahana [Mark] (Father: Richard Semins, Labourer)
                                    Jennifer Waters of Buryan [Mark] (Father: Daniel Waters, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, Michael Grenfell, Jane Pooley
24 May 1847 by Banns
                                    John He Wellington 30 Miner of Buryan (Father: Peter Wellington, Miner)
                                    Ann Madron 31 of Tregeras [Mark] (Father: Martin Madren [as signed], Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: Abraham Wellington, Martin Madren
11 Sep 1847 by Banns
                                    John Lavars 29 Miner of Roskinnall Bridge (Father: John Lavars, Miner)
                                    Elizabeth Oats 26 of Roskinnall Bridge [Mark] (Father: John Oats, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: Philip Bundy, William Lavers


18 Jan 1848 by Banns
                                    Joseph Johns 30 Miner of Newham (Father: Thomas Johns, Labourer)
                                    Hannah Hichens 24 of Newham [Mark] (Father: John Hichens, Carpenter)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
12 Feb 1848 by Banns
                                    William Warren 25 Miner of Bosavens [Mark] (Father: Edward Warren, Miner)
                                    Charlotte Chapel 24 of Higher Tregarne [Mark] (Father: Thomas Chapel, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
12 Jul 1848 by Banns
                                    John Hattam 24 Miner of St. Just (Father: John Hattam, Miner)
                                    Nanny Jenkin 18 of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: William Jenkin, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: William Jenkin, Thos Harram
2 Aug 1848 by Banns
                                    James Quick full age Farmer of Trenarth (Father: William Quick, Farmer)
                                    Judith Ellis 37 of Sellan (Father: Peter Ellis, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Wm. Veale Ellis, William Quick
26 Aug 1848 by Banns
                                    James Bennetts 23 Carpenter of St. Just (Father: James Bennetts, Miner)
                                    Esther Toman 20 of Sancreed (Father: John Toman, Clerk)
                                    Witnesses: James Gibson, John Toman
7 Sep 1848 by Banns
                                    Henry Turner 23 Miner of Boswarthen [Mark] (Father: Richard James Turner, Labourer)
                                    Mary Ann Johns 27 of Boswarthen [Mark] (Father: John Elliott, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: Johnn Toman, John Ladner
18 Nov 1848 by Banns
                                    Uter Bosence Hosken 22 Carpenter of Lower Drift (Father: James Hosken, Carpenter)
                                    Wilmot Thomas 20 of Lower Drift (Father: William Thomas, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: James Hosken, William Thomas


28 Jan 1849 by Banns
                                    William Renfrey 23[?] Miner of Tomarge (Father: John Renfrey, Labourer)
                                    Elizabeth Wallis 25 of Boswartha [Mark] (Father: Thomas Wallis, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: William Wallis, John Toman
20 Feb 1849 by Banns
                                    Hosen Roberts 28 Farmer of Drift (Father: John Roberts, Farmer)
                                    Mary Trudgen 23 of Chapel Place (Father: John Trudgen, Cordwainer)
                                    Witnesses: Richard Trudgeon, Jane Pooley, Louisa Trudgeon
10 Mar 1849 by Banns
                                    William Grenfell 24 Carpenter of Tremethick Cross (Father: John Grenfell, Miller)
                                    Martha Trewhela 20 of Roskenalls (Father: William Grenfell, Carpenter)
                                    Witnesses: John Trewhella, John M.
27 Mar 1849 by Banns
                                    William Thomas 23 Farmer of Bejudens (Father: John Thomas, Farmer)
                                    Elizabeth Dennis 19 of Bejudens (Father: John Dennis, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Thomas Thomas, John Toman
5 May 1849 by Banns
                                    John Williams full age widower Miner of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: Philip Williams, Miner)
                                    Elizabeth Green full age of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: Benjamin Rowe, Miner)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
13/15 May 1849 by Banns
                                    John Madron 26 Fisherman of Paul [Mark] (Father: John Maddron, Sailor)
                                    Eliza Susan Betty 22 of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: William Betty, Shoemaker)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, James Hosken
28 May 1849 by Banns
                                    Richard Grenfell full age Farmer of Trevonan (Father: Thomas Grenfell, Farmer)
                                    Catherine Jane Mary Elizabeth Wallis Hosken full age of Trenuggo (Father: Gabriel Hosken, Farmer)
                                    Witnesses: Gabriel Hosken sen. Gabriel Hosken jnr.
1 Sep 1849 by Banns
                                    James Madron 22 Miner of Tregerrast (Father: Martin Madron, Labourer)
                                    Mary Oats Hosken 22 of Tregarrast (Father: Richard Hosken, Labourer)
                                    Witnesses: Christopher Botterell, John Toman
13 Oct 1849 by Banns
                                    Edward Reynolds 24 Miner of Drift [Mark] (Father: Reginald Reynolds, Miner)
                                    Sabina Reynolds 23 of Drift [Mark] (Father: John Reynolds, Shoemaker)
                                    Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
5 Nov 1849 by Banns
                                    Joseph Hocking 26 Miller of Lower Drift (Father: Joseph Hocking, Miller)
                                    Alice Ann Trewhella 23 of Roskennals (Father: John Trewhella, Miller)
                                    Witnesses: John Trewhella, William Lodge[?], John Eddy
27 Nov 1849 by Banns
                                    George Hemmings Chinhalls 32 Gent of St. Just (Father: William Chinhalls, Gent)
                                    Jane Frances Mary Pee Permewan 22 of Bijowans (Father: Richard Permewan, Gent)
                                            Witnesses: Richard Permewan jnr. P. Pemewan, Alfred Chinhall
15 Dec 1849 by Banns
                                            William Matthews 26 Labourer of Tregarras [Mark] (Father: William Matthews, Labourer)
                                            Maria Bosence 22 of Bosorns (Father: John Bosence, Farmer)
                                            Witnesses: James Hosken, Jane Pooley
22 Dec 1849 by Banns
                                            Thomas Henry Ellis 19 Miner of Trevorian (Father: Thomas Ellis, Labourer)
                                            Elizabeth Jan Lawry 28 of Trevorian [Mark] (Father: William Lawrey, Labourer)
                                            Witnesses: William Lawry, William Lawry sen.
31 Dec 1849 by Banns
                                            John Hoskin 23 Miner of Grumblar [Mark] (Father: James Hosken, Miner)
                                            Jane Ellis 20 of Grumblar [Mark] (Father: James Ellis, Miner)
                                            Witnesses: John Ladner, John Toman

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