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This is a transcript done by one person and will, inevitably, contain errors. Researchers are always advised to consult the original registers.

Mary, d of Richard Martin, 2nd July 1566,

Elizabeth, d of Henrye Davey, 7th July 1566,

Margaret, d of Richard Henry, 20th July 1566,

Phylype, s of John Powle, 1st Aug 1566,

Margry, d of Phylype Benat, 29th Aug 1566,

Robert, s of Thomas Lanner, 7th Sept 1566,

Jane, d of George Lanyon, 22nd Sept 1566,

Alsen, d of  -- George Lanyon base child, 2nd Oct 1566,

John, s of ames Woulcoke, 20th Sept 1566,

John, s of John Olyvye, 22nd Dec 1566,

Thomas, s of Emanuell Hosken, 16th Feb 1566,


Robart, s of John Luke, 28th Mar 1567, 

Doryty, d of Davy Nankevill, May 3rd 1567,

Jenye, d of Robart Cosen, 16th June 1567,

Georg, s of John Bossens, - Aug 1567,

John, s of Richard Martin, 7th Sept 1567,

Richard, s of John Trueren the younger, 26th Oct 1567,

Anne, d of John Row velen, 4th Nov 1567,

Wellmet, d of Row Chirgwyne, 6th Dec 1567,

Anne, d of Wyllyam Gybbes, 8th Dec 1567,

Elizabeth, d of Benat Benettaw, 13th Feb 1567,

John, s of Richard Benettaw, 20th Feb 1567,

Alsen, d of Thomas Thomas, 28th Feb 1567,

John, s of John Osborn, 20th Mar 1567,

Elizabeth, d of James Simon, 24th Mar 1567,


Richard, s of John Tanner, 29th Mar 1568,

Wyllyam, s of John Olyvye, 3rd April 1568,

Wyllyam, s of Edward Tregenna, 6th April 1568.

Richard, s of Thomas Botregh, 2nd April 1568,

Pentycost, d of Robart Couke, 6th June 1568,

John & Jane, s & d of Richard Simon, 20th Oct 1568,

Jane, d of George Lanyne, 22nd Feb 1568,

Jane, d of John Nycoll, 20th Jan 1568,

John, s of Raffe Jenken, 2nd Feb 1568,


Alsen, d of Row Chergwyne, 2nd Aug 1569,

John, s of Larrance Mychell, 3rd Aug 1569,

Jane, d of Thomas Lawrence, 14th Aug 1569,

Jane, d of Davye Hawckewell, 24th Aug 1569,

Margaret, d of Ames Woulcoke, 2nd Sept 1569,

Elizabeth, d of Wyllyam Mychell, 8th Nov 1569,


Jane, d of John Luke, 21st April 1570,

Jane, d of Benat Benettaw, 4th June 1570,

Richard, s of John Olyvye, 7th July 1570,

Alsen, d of John Bassett, 18th Nov 1570,

Row, s of John Osborne, 10th Dec 1570,

Jane, d of John Bossens, 23rd Dec 1570,

John, s of Edward Tregenna, 30th Dec 1570,

Thomas, s of Richard Benettaw, 12th Jan 1570,

Elzatt, d of John Luke, 24th Jan 1570,

Elzett, d of Nycholas Tanner, 18th Feb 1570,



Mary, d of Davye Haukwell, 25th Mar 1571,

Andrew, s of John Nycoll, 6th June 1571,

Jane, d of Henrye Davye, 18th July 1571,

Jane, d of Row Greffen, 26th Aug 1571,

Elizabeth, d of Richard Simon, 22nd Dec 1571,

Mary, d of William Mychell, 13th Jan 1571,

Cateryne, d of  Nicholas Richard, 25th Feb 1571,

Marten, s of Nycholas Tanner, 2nd Mar 1571,

Paskow, s of Nycholas Tanner, 2nd Mar 1571,

Margaret, d of John Jenken, 12th Mar 1571,

Jane, d of John Olyvye, 19th Mar 1571,

John, base s of Nycholas Richard, 20th Mar 1571,

Margaret, base d of  Robart Jenken,

Jane, d of John Powle, 23rd Mar 1571,

John, s of Wyllyam Marten, 24th Mar 1571,



Cateryne, d of John Bassett, 12th May 1572,

Elizabeth, d of John Tanner, 3rd Aug 1572,

Jane, d of Roger Skynner, 6th Aug 1572,

Robart, s of John an Velyn, 12th Sept 1572,

Richard, s of John -------------, 10th Oct 1572,

Emanuwell, s of  John Pawle, 26th Dec 1572,

Margarett, d of  Benat Polglase, 12th Feb 1572,



John, s of Benet Benettaw, 26th Mar 1573,

Willyam, s of Willyam Marten, 28th Mar 1573,

Elizabeth, d of Edward Tregenna, 12th April 1573,

Thomas, s of John Osborne, 15th April 1573,

Renald, s of James Rabart, 22nd April 1573,

Elizabeth, d of Nycholas Tanner, 17th May 1573,

Thomas, s of Thomas Mychell, 27th Aug 1573,

Alsen, d of James Noye, 8th Oct 1573,

Jane, d of John Trewren of Treronacke, 12th Oct 1573,

John, s of William Gibbes, 18th Nov 1573,

Jane, d of Thomas Thomas, 10th Nov 1573,

Jenat, d of John Tanner, 12th Nov 1573,

Mary, d of Alyvye, 13th Jan 1573,

Jane, d of Richard Marten, 28th Jan 1573,

James, s of John Bossens, -- Feb 1573,



Cateryn, d of Benet Polglase, 2nd April 1574,

Thomas, s of Mrs John Treuren, 29th April 1574,

Cateryne, d of Hocken Clemow, 14th June 1574,

Elizabeth, d of Ames Woulcoke, 4th July 1574,

Margaret, d of James Pengwyne, 15th July 1574,

Willyam, s of Benat Benetaw,  -- -- 1574,

Gregory, base s of Willyam Norcott, 10th Aug 1574,

Renald, base s of Alyver Meryn, 28th Aug 1574,

Philipe, s of Richard Benettaw,  1st Nov 1574,

Lowdy, d of Uden Frances, 13th Feb 1574,

John, s of Row Bossens, 23rd Mar 1574,



Elyzebeth, d of George Lanyne, 25th April 1575,

Cateren, d of John Trewren of Treronack, 27th April 1575,

Elizabeth, d of John Jenken, 3rd April 1575,

Phillipe, s of ------ Marten dwelling at Tregenhogh, 4th June 1575,

Jane, d of Willyam Penquyt, 14th July, 1575,

Richard, s of Nycholas Tanner, 12 Aug 1575,

John, s of Willyam Mychell, 30th Aug 1575,

Jane, d of John Anvelon, 5th Oct 1575,

John, base s of John Laveles, 2nd Dec 1575,

Jenat, base d of John Botregh jnr, 15th Dec 1575,

Elizabeth, d of John Olyvye, 20th Dec 1575,

Phyle… , d of Richard Henrye, 1st Jan 1575,

Henry, s of Geffyne Nycholas, 20th Jan 1575,

Mary, d of Geffyne Nycholas, 20th Jan 1575,

Jenat, d of John Hosken, 20th Feb 1575,



Willyam, s of Thomas Trewren, 6th April 1576,

Renald, s of Edward Tregenna, 14th May 1576,

Willyam, s of Row Chirgwyne, 8th June 1576,

John, s of John Nycoll, 12th June 1576,

Edward, s of Row Gryffyn, 13th June 1576,

Janet, d of John Luke, 3rd July 1576,

Florence, d of Peter Walyshe, 18th July 1576,

Elizabeth, d of Thomas Tanner, 30th Aug 1576,

Renald, s of Thomas Jenken, 30th Aug 1576,

Elizabeth, d of Ames Woulcoke, 18th Oct 1576,

Jenet, d of Benat Polglasse, 22nd  Oct 1576,

John, s of John Tonken, 24th Oct 1576,

Jenat, d of Hocken Sleman, 24th Nov 1576,

William, s of John Benat, 17th Jan 1576,



Richard, s of Gryffyn Nycles, 28th Mar 1577,

Jane, d of Row Hosken, 3rd April 1577,

Bowden, s of Willyam Marten, 6th April 1577,

Henry, s of Mr John Treuren, 7th April 1577,

Richard, s of John Bossens, 13th April 1577,

John, s of James Robart, 15th April 1577,

John, s of Robart Cosen, 28th April 1577,

Raw, s of James Noye, 11th June 1577,

Elizabeth, d of John Marten, 12th Sept 1577,

Renald, s of Rowland Bollan, 15th Oct 1577,

James, s of John Row, 6th Nov 1577,

Alsen, d of Row Bossens, 20th Nov 1577,

Paskes, base d of Richard Tremethacke, 9th Dec 1577,

John, s of John Robart, 12th Dec 1577,

Thomas, s of John Olyvye, 20th Dec 1577,

Marten, s of Olyver Ustycke, 23rd Feb 1577,

Richard,s of Petter Walyshe, 7th Mar 1577,

Ales, d of John Treuren of  Treronacke, 14th Mar 1577,

Cateran, d of John Palmanter, 15th Mar 1577,

Jenat, d of Raw John alias Pyper, 18th Mar 1577,



Elyat, d of Willyam Richard, 24th May 1578,

Richard, s of Raw Chirgwyne, 27th May 1578,

John, s of Edward Talskes, 25th Oct 1578,

Annes, d of Richard Benett, 29th Oct 1578,

Annes, d of John Thomas, 7th Dec 1578,

Henry, s of Thomas Tanner, 30th Dec 1578,

James, s of Row Bossens, 24th Jan 1578,

Lowdy, d of Renald Thomas, 24th Jan 1578,

John, s of John Robart Wylliam, 20th Mar 1578,



Elizabeth, d of Marten Cleffe, 26th Mar 1579,

Thomas, s of Row Hosken, 25th May 1579,

Jenat, d of Benat Polglase, 3rd June 1579,

Raff, s of Ames Row, 23rd June 1579,

Tamzen, d of James Wyllyam, 5th July 1579,

Christopher, s of Mr James Treuren, 20th Nov 1579,

Anny, d of Nicholas Tanner, 26th Nov 1579,

Marten, s of Greffyn Nicles, 3rd Dec 1579,

Mary, base d of Thomas Peres, 8th Nov 1579,

Renald, s of James Simon, 1st Jan 1579,

Richard, s of James Mychell, 30th Jan 1579,

Elizabeth, d of Raw John alias Pyper, 4th Feb 1579,

John, s of John Jolly, 16th Feb 1579.

John, s of John Chirgwyne, -- Feb 1579,

James, s of James Trebell, 19th Feb 1579,

John, base s of John Chirgwyne, 15th Mar 1579,

Henry, s of Raffe Seggow (Leggow), 16th Mar 1579,

Phillipe, d of Robart Tayller, 18th Mar 1579,



William, s of James Cosen, 29th Mar 1580,

Mary, d of John Treuren of Tryronacke, 10th April 1580,

John, s of Robart Baynard, 16th April 1580,

Phylype,  s of Thomas Peres, 20th May 1580,

Ellyat, d of William Boone, 22nd May 1580,

Marye, d of John Bossens, 21st June 1580,

Elizabeth, d of James Simon, 2nd Sept 1780,

Elizabeth, d of  John Pengwyne, 10th Sept 1780,

Henry, s of Row Hosken, 22nd Sept 1580,

Jenat, d of Richard Davye, 24th Sept 1580,

Elizabeth, d of John Mychell,  -- -- 1580,

Mary, d of Richard Tanner, 5th Nov 1580,

Jane, d of Marten Cleffe, 5th Dec 1580,

Jane, d of Thomas Richard, 27th Dec 1580,

Alsen, d of John Marten Risicke, 3rd Jan 1580,

John, s of John Jollye, 23rd Feb 1580,

John, s of Rowlyn Bolan, 26th Feb 1580,

Thomas, s of Willyam Marten, 7th Mar 1580,

Philype, d of Row Chirgwyne, 20th Mar 1580,



Marten, s of Mr John Treuren, 27th May 1581,

Richard, s of James Simon, 29th June 1581,

John, s of Benat Polglase, 29th June 1581,

Jane, base d of John Jobe, 25th Sept 1581,

John, s of John Denys, 5th Nov 1581,

John, s of Andrew Penbraze, 21st Nov 1581, 

Jane, d of John Robart, 22nd Nov 1581,

Alsen, d of Fandinandow Denys, 23rd Nov 1581,

Jone, d of Philype Gybbes, 18th Jan 1581,

Alsen, d of James Robart, 24th Jan 1581,

Elizabeth, d of Renald Thomas, 1st Feb, 1581,

Mathy, s of John Jolye, 21st Feb 1581,

Cateryne, Willyam Trelell, 24th Feb 1581,

John, s of John Mychell, 26th Feb 1581,

Elizabeth, d of Thomas Richard, 3rd Mar 1581,

Maud, d of Richard Bennettaw, 21st Mar 1581,



John, s of John Skolar, 26th Mar 1582,   

John, s of Willyam Row, 10th April 1582,

Em, d of Raw Piper, 5th may 1582,

John, s of Robart Baynard, 26th May 1582,

John, s of John an Velen, 26th July 1582,

Margaret, d of John Bassat, 17th Sept 1582,

--------t, s of Richard Davye, 17th Oct 1582,

Henry, s of Benat Polglase, 19th Oct 1582,

Jone, d of Row Bossens, 25th Nov 1582,

Jane, base d of John Thomas alias Chirgwyne, 14th Dec 1582,

Willyam, s of John Olyvye, 6th Jan 1582,

John, s of Farnandow Denes, 14th Feb 1582,

Jone, base d of Hugh Peskow, 23rd Feb 1582,

Willyam, s of Jhon Stabellton, 10th Mar 1582,

Mary, d of John Philipe, 21st Mar 1582,



John, s of John Lanner, 5th May 1583,

Marye, d of Marten Cleffe, 3rd Aug 1583,

James. S of George Boskene, 22nd Sept 1583,

Jane, d of Henry Osborne, 17th Oct 1583,

Richard, base s of Edward Hervye, 10th Nov 1583,

John, s of John Treuren of Treronacke, 6th Jan 1583,

Elizabeth, d of James Simon, 19th Jan 1583,

Mary, d of John Marten, 2nd Feb 1583,

James, s of John Simon jnr, 14th Mar 1583,



Richard, s of Thomas Grybbell, 16th April 1584,

John, s of Mr John Trewren, 26th April 1584,

John, s of James Trewren, 26th April 1584,

John, s of Row Chirgwyne, 28th April 1584,

Henry, s of John Jolye, 8th Sept 1584,

Margaret, base d of John Paskaw alias Crees of St Lawrence, 27th Sept, 1584,

Francis, s of Thomas Mychell, 6th Oct 1584,

John, s of Thomas John, 15th Nov 1584,

Mesias, s of Richard Penrose, 15th Nov 1584,

Elizabeth, d of John Skoler, 15th Nov, 1584,

John, s of Richard Mataye, 1st Jan 1584,

Elizabeth, d of Rowe Piper, 5th Jan 1584,

Edward, s of Walter Pode, 16th Jan 1584,

Elizabeth, d of Richard Davye, 20th Jan 1584,

Jane, d of John Mychell, 15th Feb 1584,

Gabryell & Thomas S’s of Robart Baynard, 20th Feb 1584,

Richard, s of William Cafear, 20th Feb 1584,

James, s of Thomas John, 10th Mar 1584,

John, s of Henrye Osborne, 20th Mar 1584,

Jane, d of John Olyvy, 22nd Mar 1584,



Richard, s of James Champeyan, 6th April 1585,

Robart, s of James Willyam, 2nd May 1585,

Jane, d of John Phillips, 2nd May 1585,

Elizabeth, d of Willyam Trelell, 4th May 1585,

Pentecost, s of Willyam Simon, 30th May 1585,

Tamsen, d of Row Bossens, 20th June 1585,

Elizabeth, d of John Jenner, 11th July 1585,

John, s of John Marten, 27th July 1585,

Lowdy, d of John Marten, 24th Aug 1585,

Nell, d of Renald Thomas, 6th Sept 1585,

Richard, s of Frances Lanyne, 13th Nov 1585,

William, s of John Kelkellan, 22nd Nov 1585,

Jane, d of John William Benat, 14th Jan 1585,

Jane, d of Benat Polglase, 28th Jan 1585,

John, s of Thomas Lanlyn, 16th Mar 1585,

Judna, d of Henrye Davye, 20th Mar 1585,



Judna, d of Drewes, 3rdApril 1586,

Richard, s of James Robart, 24th April 1586,

Tamsen, d of Willyam Trelell, 24th June 1586,

Mary, d of Edward Jenken, 9th July 1586,

Jone, d of Henry Osborne, 14th July 1586,

Thomas, s of John Stabelton, 23rd July 1586,

John, s of Thomas Richard, 28th July 1586,

Jane, d of Thomas Richard, 28th July 1586.

--------- , s of John Skoler, 8th Aug 1586,

Elizabeth, d of John Jolye, 24th Aug 1586,

Elizabeth, d of James Cosen, 19th Sept 1586,

John, s of John Zacaryas de Maddren, 8th Jan 1586,

Willyam, s of Thomas Grybell, 25th Feb 1586,

John, s of John Conne, 26th Feb 1586,

Mary, d of John Thomas, 18th Mar 1586,


Marye, d of Thomas Mychell, 25th Mar 1587,

John, s of Philipe Willyam, 2nd April 1587,

Maud, d of John Olyvye, 2nd April 1587,

Tamsen, d of James Simon, 8th April 1587,

William, s of Thomas Rawlen, 15th April 1587,

Suzanna, d of Richard Davye, 22nd April1587,

Tamzen, d of John Hosken, 23rd April 1587,

John, s of John Henrye, 8th July 1587,

Frannces, s of John Maddren, 6th Sept 1587,

John, base s of Thomas Nicholas, 22nd Sept 1587,

Elizabeth, base d of Frannces Lanyne, 11th Nov 1587,

William, s of Mr John Treuren, 16th Nov 1587,

Mary, d of John Osborne, 30th Nov 1587,

Maud, d of John Jenyn,  3rd Dec 1587,

John, s of Frannces Lanyne, 10th Dec 1587,

John, s of John Jolye, 22nd Feb 1587,

Jane, d of William Treuren jnr, 27th Feb 1587,

Mary, d of Robart Taylell, 3rd Mar 1587,

Sara, d of James Champian, 11th Mar 1587,

Richard, s of John Mychell, 22nd Mar 1587,


John, base s of Richard Hosken, 5th April 1588,

Jane, d of Thomas Tanner, 25th April 1588,

Catern, d of Thomas Meryn, 4th May 1588,

Anne, d of John Marten, 13th June 1588,

Tamzen, d of Nycholas Danyell, 18th June 1588,

John, s of Henry Hart, 7th July 1588,

------- , s of James Hosken, -----,

Cateryn, d of Richard Woulcocke, 30th Nov 1588,

Doly, d of Willyam Trelull, 20th Dec 1588,

Elizabeth, d of Thomas Grybell, 18th Jan 1588,

John, s of Rabart Luke, 2nd Feb 1588,

Jone, d of John Thomas, 11th Feb 1588,

John, s of Willyam Simon, 27th Feb 1588,

Thomas, s of Willyam Treuren Jnr, 2nd Mar 1588,

Renald, s of Raw Bossens, 5th Mar 1588,

Philype, d of James Trewren, 18th Mar 1588,

William, s of Rabard Myllard, 19th Mar 1588,

Raw, s of Thomas ----- , 24th Mar 1588,


Cateryn, d of John Richard, 30th Oct 1589,

Richard, s of Thomas Mychell, 16th Nov 1789,

Elizabeth, d of Hemrye Osborne, 16th Nov 1589,

Thomas, s of James Cosen, 17th Nov 1589,

Thomas, s of Richard Davye, 3rd Dec 1589,

William, base s of Benat Turnawayh, 17th Jan 1589,

Elizabeth, d of Thomas Meren, 8th Feb 1589,

John, s of Richard Hosken, 11th Feb 1589,

Margarett, d of Henrye Davye, 17th Feb 1589,

Amy, d of Willyam Trelell, 18th Feb 1589,

Elizabeth, d of John Maddrenn, 14th Mar 1589,

Tamzen, d of John Thomas, 15th Mar 1589,

Elizabeth, d of John Chirgwyne Jnr, 18th Mar 1589,

John, s of Rabart Tayller, 21st Mar 1589,

Margarett, d of James Simon, 21st Mar 1589,


Jane, d of Richard Danyell, 3rd April 1590,

Janet, d of John Stableton, 20th April 1590,

Philyp, d of Willyam Treuren Jnr, 23rd April 1590,

Willyam, s of Robart Baynard, 25th April 1590,

Willyam, s of john Philipe, 25th April 1590,

John, s of John Jenyn, 1st May 1590,

John, s of John Skoler, 28th May 1590,

Richard, s of Henry Hart,  ------- ,

John, s of John Trysonacke, 20th Dec 1590,

Thomas, s of Thomas Grybell, 11th Feb 1590,

Honoure, d of Benatt Luke, 6th Mar 1590,


Richard, s of John Marten, 29th Mar 1591,

Raw, s of Peter Sando, 3rd April 1591,

Richard, s of Henrye Osborne, 3rd April 1591,

John, s of James Cosen, 12th April 1591,

Nycholas, base s of Mr Thomas Treuren, 22nd April 1591,

Willyam, s of John Chirgwyne Jnr, May 1591,

Elizabeth, d of Willyam Hosken, 23rd June 1591,

Ebett, d of Thomas Gedye of Clement Parish, 17th July 1591,

Alse, d of John Mychell, 3rd Aug 1591,

Jane, d of Richard Woulcoke, 15th Aug 1591,

Thomas, s of Willyam Simon, 22nd Aug 1591,

Ussela, d of Willyam Treuren jnr, 19th Dec 1591,

Renald, s of Nycholas Danyell, 23rd Feb 1591,

John, s of John Treuren Jnr, 12th Mar 1591,


Robart, s of Robart Tayler, 10th April 1592,

Ames, d of Thomas Lanner, 11th April 1592,

Maud, d of Richard Hosken, 18th April 1592,

Cysily, d of Rabard Baynard, 12th May 1592,

Jane, d of James Cosen, 17th May 1592,

Willyam, s of Row Bossens, 3rd June 1592,

Thomas, s of Row Hosken, 16th June 1592,

Mary, d of Row Lanyne, 28th June 1592,

John, s of Thomas Mychell, 6th Sept 1592,

Richard, s of James Treuren, 18th Sept 1592,

Walter, s of Marten Cliffe, 3rd Oct 1592,

Tamsen, d of Thomas Noye, 10th Nov 1592,

John, s of John Henrye, 9th Dec 1592,

Crysten, d of Richard Danyell, 24th Dec 1592,

Alsen, d of Richard Davye, 23rd Feb 1592,

Sissily, d of Thomas Grybell, 5th Mar 1592,

Elizabeth, d of John Alsa, 9th Mar 1592,

Thomas, s of Thomas Rowlen, 11th Mar 1592,


Marye, d of John Thomas, 25th Mar 1593,

John, s of  James Simon, 25th Mar 1593,

John, s of Richard Row, 14th April 1593,

Elizabeth, d of John Bassat, 23rd April 1593,

Petter, s of Willyam Trelull, 29th June 1593,

Ames, d of John Chirgwyne Jnr, 4th Aug 1593,

Mary, d of William Hanne, 21st Aug 1593,

Jone, d of John Trewren Snr, 19th Sept 1593,

John, s of John Moryshe, 5th Oct 1593,

Thomas, s of John Thomas, 12th Oct 1593,

Nycholas, base s of Robert Tregonan, 12th Oct 1593, 

Thomas, s of John Maddren, 20th Oct 1593,

Elizabeth, d of Willyam Lanyne, 31st Oct 1593,

Ales, d of James Cosen, 6th Nov 1593,


John , s of John Mychell, 31st Mar 1594,

Maud, d of Robart Tayler, 25th April 1594,

Sissily, d of Willyam Trelell, 12th June 1594,

John, s of Willyam Simon, 22nd June 1594,

Cateryne, d of Thomas Rawlen, 4th Aug 1594, 

Cherytye, d of Thomas Grybell, 12th Aug 1594,

Reginald, d of  John Penruth, 15th Sept 1594,

Walter, s of Benet Lanyne, 22nd Sept 1594,

Elizabeth, d of Richard Hosken, 30th Oct 1594,

Willyam, s of John Olyvye, 9th Nov 1594,

Mychell, s of James Treuren, 20th Nov 1594,

Stephen, s of Thomas Treuren, 26th Dec 1594,

Sissily, d of Richard Row, 8th Jan 1594,

Willyam, s of James Cosen, 7th Feb 1594,

Richard, base s of John Saundrye, 15th Mar 1594,

Mary, base d of James Maddren, 18th Mar 1594,


John, s of Richard Mohan, 13th July 1595,

Ames, s of John Philype, 5th Aug 1595,

Thomas, s of  Thomas Myllard, 11th Sept 1595,

Avese, d of John Treuren jnr, 5th Oct 1595,

Elizabeth & Alese, d of John Bassat, 19th Oct 1595,

Richard, s of John Chirgwyne, 20th Oct 1595,

John, s of Willyam Hosken, 2nd Jan 1595,

Joyas, d of Thomas Grybell, 4th Jan 1595,

Mary, d of John Sillan, 2nd Feb 1595,

Thomas, s of Benat Lanyne, 8th Feb 1595,

Margaret, d of John Alsa, 26th Feb 1595,

Elzat, d of James Cosen, 18th Mar 1595,


Willyam, s of Willyam Hanne, 29th Mar 1596,

John, s of Willyam Lanyne, 8th June 1596,

Elzat, d of John Thomas, 20th June 1596,

Thomas, s of Luke Mathew, 1st Aug 1596,

Maud, d of Raw Bossens, 27th Aug 1596,

John, s of Richard Davye, 10th Sept 1596,

Elizabeth, d of John Peres, 17th Sept 1596,

Richard, s of Jmaes Doben, 19th Sept 1596,

Martin, s of John Maddren, 10th Oct 1596,

Anne, d of Willyam Trelell, 24th Oct 1596,

Martin, s of john Olyvye jnr, --------- ,

Thomas, s of Mr Thomas Treuren, 17th Dec 1596,

Eme, d of John Stableton, 8th Feb 1596,

Mary, d of Benat Lanyne, 24th Feb 1596,

Willyam, s of Richard Row, 24th Feb 1596,


Paskow, s of John Mychell, 17th Mar 1597, 

Usla, d of Rabart Tayler, 14th May 1597,

Ezechial, s of John Treuren Jnr, 4th Sept 1597,

John, base s of Willyam Olyvye, 9th Dec 1597,

Marye, d of Richard Hosken, 17th Dec 1597,

Humfry, s of John Hew, 16th Jan 1597,

Alye, base d of Elexander More, 2nd Feb 1597,

Jane, d of Thomas Trueren, 27th Feb 1597,

Christen, base d of Josape Marten, 10th mar 1597,


Willyam, s of Thomas Gybbes, 9th April 1598,

Jenat, d of William Symon, ------- , 

John, s of john Chirgwyne, 20th April 1598,

Henry, s of John Bassat, 26th April 1598, 

Elizabeth, d of John Hew, 27th July 1598,

Adrell, d of Willyam Hanne, 29th July 1598,

Elizabeth, d of Mr Thomas Treuren, 22nd Aug 1598,

Henry, s of Thomas Rawlen, 22nd Oct 1598,

Willyam, s of Robart Tayler, 12th Jan 1598,

Richard, s of John Alsa, 4th Feb 1598,

John, s of Richard Hosken, 11th Feb 1598,

Jane, d of James Cosen, 10th Mar 1598,


Thomas, s of Henrye Osborne, 18th May 1599,

John, s of Richard Danyell, 31st May 1599,

Jane, d of Benet Lanyen, 6th July 1599,

John, s of Emanuel Hosken, 10th Aug 1599,

Thomas, s of Henrye Ustick, 2nd Sept 1599,

John, s of John Stapleton, 26th Sept 1599,

John, base s of John Dunkyn, 19th Nov 1599,

Elizabeth, base d of Reginald Davye, 6th Jan 1599,

Caterine, d of George Randell, 22nd Feb 1599,

Elizabeth, d of John Richard Alsa, 24th Feb 1599,

Elizabeth, d of John Mychell, 12th Mar 1599,

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